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No More Anxiety about Safe Homecomings. Iphone app Arrival Message lets Children Automatically Inform their Parent they have Safely Arrived by e-mail or SMS by using GPS







Arrival Message is a new Iphone app that lets chilren inform their parents automatically that they have arrived by using GPS. What makes it unique is that the recipients do not need to have a smartphone to know their loved ones are okay.

SOURCE: Upright Media Concepts B.V.

The Netherlands (PRWEB) July 24, 2012

Almost everyone has experienced a moment where they forgot to inform family or friends about their safe arrival. Especially children regularly forget to send a message that they arrived safely which causes a lot of anxiety for parents.

CEO Jacco Gruiters of Upright Media Concepts: "As a parent of 2 young kids who like to go places I want to know if they arrived safely. But that's usually the least of their worries, so they easily forget to send you a message. That's what made me come up with this app. Knowing your kid arrived safely gives peace of mind. And the good part of Arrival Message is that you do not need a smartphone yourself to know where your kids are."

Arrival Message lets children plan ahead. He or she can enter destinations as well as date and times of the arrival. Once they have arrived a predefined message will be sent to anyone they want to inform by either e-mail or SMS. The app uses GPS to determine the arrival.
Children can also have it send a message if they have not arrived at the destination before a specific time.

Since the Iphone does not allow to directly send SMS using your app, Arrival Message uses SMS credits that allows users to send messages through their server. E-mail messages are always free.

Arrival Message is available now for Iphone for $ 1.99 or EUR 1,59.

Direct link to Arrival Message in the Appstore

Visit the Arrival Message website for more information

About Upright Media Concepts
Upright Media Concepts is a Dutch company specializing in mobile apps & creative concepts. Arrival Message is its second release.

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